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As the amount of work steadily increased, the number of employees grew from a mere handful of individuals to as many as forty during peak construction season. In order to increase the core staff’s knowledge base and develop multi-disciplined employees who were experienced in a variety of materials testing fields, Advance Testing instituted an aggressive construction materials testing and inspection training program for all employees.

For the next eight years, Advance Testing worked to establish itself as a serious competitor for materials testing and inspection contracts in the Mid-Hudson region. Advance Testing worked around the clock, both in the field and in the lab, to support the needs of its clients, striving to develop a reputation as a provider of responsive, high quality services.

In 1984, Jim founded Advance Testing Company, Inc. with his station wagon and some credit cards. It would take a year before he was able to move the company’s entire operation out of his home and into a 1,500 ft2 building in Newburgh, New York.

James P. Smith, Jr. started his career working as a quality control technician for an asphalt contracting and aggregate supply firm working his way up to Chief Quality Control Technician. During this time, Jim was able to develop his business skills and become a highly respected materials testing technician.